Custom Twitter Contests, Giveaways, and Promotions

Promoting your business or product on Twitter can be fun and rewarding for both you and your customers. This site allows you to setup free Twitter contests or giveaways that link back to the site and self promote, but we understand that might not be the best fit for you. If that's the case, TweetsWin can setup a custom promotion to fit any need.

Proven Technology

The TweetsWin service has been in place since early 2009 and has shown excellent reliability. This site was one of the first to do automated contests. Some other services utilize Twitter's search interface to track entries and mentions, but that is the least reliable way. Twitter's own documentation will tell you that the search functionality does not include all messages. Our service uses several custom technologies to track and record every single mention of your product, company or website. Our system works, plain and simple.

Social Marketing

Once your message begins spreading it becomes visible to thousands of users within minutes. Every person that participates puts your message in front of hundreds more. It is not unusual for your message to be visible to millions within a day. You just can't get that level of immediate exposure elsewhere. I'd wager there is no better advertisement for you or your product than a recommendation from a friend.

Gain Followers and Fans

In addition to spreading your message, your Twitter account gains followers who will continue to see the content you send.

Services We Offer

  • Keyword Tracking (hash tags, phrases, websites, names)
  • Full Message Logging
  • Manual Randomized Drawing Process (one click draws a winner if your promotion is a giveaway!)
  • Automated Randomized Drawing Process (automatically selects and notifies winners!)
  • Custom Designed Landing and Information Pages
  • Reporting, Analysis
  • Consulting and Best Practices Review

We can work with you, your marketing team, or an ad agency. We can run your entire promotion if you don't have someone handling it for you.


No-one but you will have access to your data, the TweetsWin site will not be linked to your promotion unless you ask us to do so.

During and End of Promotion Analysis

What happens when your promotion ends? What was your ROI? We offer data exports and reports to help you find out.

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