I am currently available for part-time contract work.

I've been developing on the Twitter API since February 2009. I wanted a specific set of features in a client so I wrote my own. I've since abandoned it as others have appeared that I liked better. I developed this site in mid 2009 just for fun. Since then, I've run multiple sponsored / off site promotions for major venders and marketing agencies using the TweetsWin backend I developed and it works really well. I know Twitter, I know the API. I've seen trends work and promotions fail and I can help make sure yours does not. This site has a following of over 7,500 users and it's growing daily.

Other Work

The majority of my experience has been custom development, but I've done numerous CMS and blog installs and customizations. I can help you with Geeklog, Wordpress, Joomla, and more. I've done Facebook development as well though it has been some time ago, I have setup apps and worked with Facebook Connect.


I've been writing code on a full-time, professional basis since 2001. I've changed languages a few times since then, right now I'm focused on PHP5. I've been using PHP since 2001. I've worked with MVCnPHP, CakePHP, and ZF. I have experience with Propel, Creole, and Doctrine. I grew up using CVS but also use SVN daily and I am comfortable with GIT and Mercurial among others. I've been involved with numerous projects ranging from startup to enterprise level. I have worn system administration, networking, database administration, and design hats and I do sometimes contract out for some of that as well, but development is my passion. I've worked in teams, lead teams, and worked alone, I don't have a preference as long as I can sling code. My mentors right out of college were some of the best people I've ever worked with and I attribute my success to their passion and guidance.

Contacting Me

I'm based in Central Iowa.

If you have part time work you would like to discuss with me, you may contact me at:

I am NOT considering full time offers at this time.

I am quite happy with my full time employment.

@tweetswin on Twitter