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Simply fill out the form and click save to start your Twitter contest or giveaway promotion. Once you're done a link will be provided so you can tweet your contest's info and start the fun. You don't even have to login, it really couldn't be any easier.

If you are interested in running a Twitter promotion but do not want it to include the TweetsWin branding, or you just want your promotion tracked for you, please go here to read about our custom promotion service instead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Twitter Contests or Giveaways listed here should only require users to tweet the provided text and follow you. If your giveaway or contest asks users to submit content or visit another site to enter, it will be removed and you may be blacklisted. Please contact for additional information or to request help setting up a special promotion. Please do not post contests for prizes that you have not obtained.

THIS SITE AUTOMATICALLY TRACKS YOUR ENTRIES AND CHOOSES A WINNER. It is not just a listing board for giveaways, so please do not post a contest here if you do not plan to accept the random entry selected as the winner.

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